Experiential Teaching for Public Health Practice

Experiential Teaching for Public Health Practice

Developing an effective program requires a sound administrative system and a supportive educational culture including the support of program handbooks, a Master’s project (Capstone), practicum, and ...
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Final Thoughts about the Future of COPHP and Conclusions

Pp. 146-150 (5)

Amy Hagopian, Bud Nicola and Peter House


Public higher education in the United States is in great flux. A number of factors adversely affecting the effectiveness of higher education in the U.S., such as the erosion of public financial support, have undermined the COPHP program. Recruiting and retaining an ideal mix of motivated students and faculty are ongoing program tasks. In spite of these challenges, COPHP is an effective program for producing successful, motivated, and highly sought-after graduates in public health.


Culture, Higher education, Faculty, Funding, MPH, Program size, Students.


University of Washington,Seattle, WA, USA.