Intellectual Property Basic Manual for Researchers in Universities

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Researchers involved in product development are expected to create a final product which is market ready. For products developed through a partnership between universities and commercial ...
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Industrial Property in Mexico

Pp. 47-70 (24)

Pedro Ponce, Kenneth Polasko, Arturo Molina, Miguel Ramírez and Patricia Mora


As explained in the previous chapters, every country has their own laws regarding industrial property and different guidelines for applying to them. In this chapter the whole process of industrial property will be focused on Mexico, from the steps to write and fill an application format to what happens to a patent when it reaches the expiration date. Finally some policies about intellectual property that the Tecnológico de Monterrey follows are shown.


Development, Formats, Idea, IMPI, Industrial design, Innovation, Invention, Mexico, Patent guide, Protection, Public domain, Tec de Monterrey, Third parties, Trade secret, Utility model.


Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.