Intellectual Property Basic Manual for Researchers in Universities

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Researchers involved in product development are expected to create a final product which is market ready. For products developed through a partnership between universities and commercial ...
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Steps to Search for Patents of a Product

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Pedro Ponce, Kenneth Polasko, Arturo Molina, Miguel Ramírez and Patricia Mora


One of the very first steps before writing or submitting a patent is searching for any similar patents already registered. This step is crucial because if any similar patent exists, the new patent has to be a specific percentage different to be considered a new invention otherwise it will be rejected and valuable time and money will have been wasted. In this chapter some recommendations are made to help you search for patents already registered either for a specific country or internationally.


Applications, Cost, Evaluation, Factors of marketability, Internet, Market, Office of patents, Patent, Patent searchers, Products, Research, Search engine, USPTO.


Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.