Intellectual Property Basic Manual for Researchers in Universities

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Researchers involved in product development are expected to create a final product which is market ready. For products developed through a partnership between universities and commercial ...
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Intellectual Property

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Pedro Ponce, Kenneth Polasko, Arturo Molina, Miguel Ramírez and Patricia Mora


Throughout this chapter different kinds of Intellectual Property will be discussed. Each kind will be defined, the cases in which any of them may apply will be shown, and also some of the steps to follow for the application will be revised. These kinds of intellectual property are: patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets, and each one is different within different countries. Finally the importance of the intellectual property within companies is discussed, as for the impact of this has to their economic development.


Application, Companies, Copyright, Indautor, Infringement, Invention, Laws, Licensing, Patent, Process, Protection, Software protection, Trademark, Trade secret, Utility.


Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.