Intellectual Property Basic Manual for Researchers in Universities

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Researchers involved in product development are expected to create a final product which is market ready. For products developed through a partnership between universities and commercial ...
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Technology Transfer in Universities

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Pedro Ponce, Kenneth Polasko, Arturo Molina, Miguel Ramírez and Patricia Mora


One of the better known missions of university is to teach and create knowledge; however, in today’s world, it also needs to focus on research to generate development for society’s growth. Universities are now making Intellectual Property (IP) and patenting their research, either to generate profit and transfer that technology by licensing it or selling it to the industry to commercialize it or to help the economic development of their region. Specialized offices are created within the university to facilitate the interaction between the university researchers and the industry. Universities in Mexico have started to follow the path of Technology Transfer, but there is still so much to learn to achieve the international levels and to meet the industry needs. Thus some new guidelines and process are introduced to the researchers to identify the potential future of an investigation.


Agreements, Commercialization, Industry-academia, Intellectual property, IP guidelines, Licensing, Management, Patenting, Technology transfer, Universities.


Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.