Frontiers in Bioactive Compounds

Volume: 1

Natural Sources, Physicochemical Characterization and Applications

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This volume presents different aspects related to bioactive compounds, starting with their natural state in raw sources, physicochemical characterization and employment in pharmacy and medicine. The ...
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Biosensors for Characterisation of Bioactive Compounds from Wines

Pp. 147-189 (43)

Bogdan Bucur, Ioana Silvia Hosu and Alina Vasilescu


Biosensors are promising analytical tools for the determination and characterisation of bioactive compounds in wines, providing fast, sensitive and costeffective detection, assisting in the assessment of quality, sensory and safety attributes of wines. In this chapter, some of the most representative, recent examples of biosensors for the detection of polyphenols, biogenic amines, mycotoxins and allergens in wine are discussed, emphasizing the wealth of biosensing strategies and the particularities of wine as a complex analytical matrix.


Allergens, Biogenic amines, Biosensor, Mycotoxins, Polyphenols, Wine.


International Centre of Biodynamics, 1B Intrarea Portocalelor, sector 6, 060101, Bucharest, Romania.