Mental Health Promotion in Schools

Volume: 2

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This second volume in the book series gives clear explanations of some special topics and challenges related to the roles of the school in adolescent mental healthcare (such as disability, ...
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Student Athletics: Opportunity, Challenge, and the Byzantine Construct ‘Body Image’

Pp. 156-177 (22)

John J. Miller


Student interscholastic sport involvement is often presumed to be a protective factor for participating athletes, and this is no doubt the case for some. This protection derives from influences such as extra privileges, adoration, popularity, and beliefs about future prospects. However, student athletic participation can be a significant risk for others. Risk occurs as a result of significant pressures for low body weight, ideal physique, and coaching methods used. These pressures are different based on gender, and even based on sport of preference. This chapter describes student athletes as a potentially vulnerable population and discusses the risks that can be experienced using the example of increased incidence of eating disorders.


Anabolic steroid, Binge, Body image, Body weight, Coach*, Eating disorder, Performance enhancing drugs, Purge, Student athlete.


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