Mental Health Promotion in Schools

Volume: 2

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This second volume in the book series gives clear explanations of some special topics and challenges related to the roles of the school in adolescent mental healthcare (such as disability, ...
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Children’s Temperament at School and in the Classroom

Pp. 61-103 (43)

Kathleen Moritz Rudasill, Kate Sirota, Mary Kralemann, Amanda Prokasky, Kenji Madison and Victoria J. Molfese


Temperament is arguably one of the most important childhood traits about which educators should be thoroughly versed. Childhood temperament is linked with, among other outcomes, three that are essential to school success: behavioral responses, academic performance, and social interaction. It also plays a compelling role in longterm mental health. This chapter describes the range of temperamental manifestations and offers suggestions for promoting temperamental factors to support resilience rather than foster risk.


Activity, Adaptability, Behavioral inhibition, Distractibility, Externalizing behavior, Goodness-of-fit, Internalizing behavior, Reactivity, Regulation.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588, United States.