Cancer Metastasis and Cancer Stem Cell/Niche

Editor(s): Takanori Kawaguchi

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A malignant tumor is an actively growing tissue, composed of cells derived from a single cell line that has undergone irreversible differentiation. These cells are invasive and also metastasize in ...
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Julio Aguirre-Ghiso

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Takanori Kawaguchi

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Takanori Kawaguchi

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Takanori Kawaguchi

Fundamental Relationships Between Cancer Stem Cells, the Cancer Stem Cell Niche and Metastasis

Pp. 3-23 (21)

Eric D. Young, Linheng Li, Fariba Behbod and Danny R. Welch

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Regulation of Cell Surface Glycan Expression in Cancer Stem Cells

Pp. 24-60 (37)

Reiji Kannagi, Bi-He Cai, Hsiang-Chi Huang and Keiichiro Sakuma

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Tumor Endothelial Cells and Cancer Progression

Pp. 61-73 (13)

Kyoko Hida, Nako Maishi, Dorcas A. Annan and Yasuhiro Hida

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Cancer Stem Cell and Clinical Cancer Metastasis in Surgical Oncology

Pp. 109-133 (25)

Shoji Nakamori and Koji Morimoto

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Pp. 134-145 (12)

Takanori Kawaguchi