Frontiers in Neurosurgery

Volume: 3

Brain Ischemic Stroke - From Diagnosis to Treatment

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Stroke is thought to be the second biggest killer worldwide, and is responsible for over 5 million deaths per year. Several strategies have been developed to enhance treatment of stroke patients. ...
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Medical Acute Stroke Treatment

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Paolo Candelaresi and Alfonso Ciccone


Despite the stroke burden has globally increased, particularly due to high rates of mortality and dependency in developing countries [1], advances are being made. In the last two decades, we witnessed important successes in the management of acute stroke patients, the principal of them being the development of stroke units, aspirin for the early secondary prevention, thrombolysis for the reperfusion of ischemic areas and decompressive craniectomy for malignant strokes.

This chapter will focus on the medical management of acute stroke, in particular on the thrombolytic treatment.


Acute stroke, Evidence, Intra-venous thrombolysis, Ischemic stroke, Medical therapy, Neurovascular unit, Stroke unit, Systematic review, Treatment.


Department of Neurosciences, Azienda Ospedaliera Carlo Poma, Mantua, Italy.