Antiprotozoal Drug Discovery: A Challenge That Remains

Protozoan infections that are endemic in countries with limited economic resources pose a significant public health challenge to affected communities and some of these diseases are categorized as ...
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Malaria, Generalities and New Treatments

Pp. 92-105 (14)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681083292116010007

Author(s): Luz Eugenia Alcántara-Quintana, Mónica Salas-Rojas, Emmanuelle Alvarado-Alvarez


Malaria is still a grave public health problem in tropical areas of the world. The greater genetic diversity of Plasmodium vivax at geographic sites with less control over infection reveals the importance of genetic studies of these parasites. Plasmodium vivax is the main cause of human malaria in Asia and Latin America but is absent from most of central Africa due to the near fixation of a mutation that inhibits the expression of its receptor, the Duffy antigen, on human erythrocytes. The search for vaccine development remains an issue of global concern.


Dufy antigen, Malaria, New Treatments, Plasmodium vivax, Quinine, Vaccines.