Antiprotozoal Drug Discovery: A Challenge That Remains

Protozoan infections that are endemic in countries with limited economic resources pose a significant public health challenge to affected communities and some of these diseases are categorized as ...
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Drugs for Parasitic Diseases - Strategies to Solve a Global Problem

Pp. 41-65 (25)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681083292116010005

Author(s): A. Valeria Pozzoli, Miriam A. Martins Alho


For many years, one of the driving forces for the development of drugs has been, and still is, the pharmaceutical industry, but the need for therapeutic agents regarding unprofitable diseases makes necessary a change in this situation. Parasitic diseases are a good example since the quantity and safety of many drugs currently in use are inadequate, and the development of new agents is insufficient. In the paper herein, we discuss the main methodologies used for the development and discovery of antiparasitics, the new trends and prospects, as well as the first results achieved by supranational programs and consortia created for such purposes.


New approaches, New drugs, Parasitic diseases.