Antiprotozoal Drug Discovery: A Challenge That Remains

Editor(s): Norma Rivera

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Protozoan infections that are endemic in countries with limited economic resources pose a significant public health challenge to affected communities and some of these diseases are categorized as ...
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Filiberto Malagón

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Pp. ii

Norma Rivera

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Pp. iii-iv (2)

Norma Rivera

Protozoal Diseases: Importance and Prophylaxis

Pp. 3-40 (38)

Filiberto Malagón and Elba Carrasco

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Drugs for Parasitic Diseases - Strategies to Solve a Global Problem

Pp. 41-65 (25)

A. Valeria Pozzoli and Miriam A. Martins Alho

PDF Price: $15

Crude Extracts and Isolated Compounds with Trypanocidal Activity

Pp. 66-91 (26)

Paz M. Salazar Schettino, Gloria Rojas, Margarita Cabrera and Martha Bucio

PDF Price: $15

Malaria, Generalities and New Treatments

Pp. 92-105 (14)

Luz Eugenia Alcántara-Quintana, Mónica Salas-Rojas and Emmanuelle Alvarado-Alvarez

PDF Price: $15

Update on Advances in Plant-based Antimalarial Drug Discovery

Pp. 106-155 (50)

Pius S. Fasinu, Ilias Muhammad and Larry A. Walker

PDF Price: $15

Metals as an Option for Protozoa Treatment

Pp. 156-179 (24)

Norma Rivera, Marcela Rojas-Lemus, Gumaro Cano-Gutierrez, Luis F. Montaño and Teresa I. Fortoul

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Pp. 180-189 (10)

Norma Rivera