Simplifying Complexity: Life is Uncertain, Unfair and Unequal

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In life, we often face unavoidable complexities in terms of our ability to understand or influence outcomes. Some questions which arise due to these complexities are: Why can’t the future be made ...
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Apology for Complexity

Pp. 247-263 (17)

Bruce J. West


This chapter provides a summary of the material discussed; highlighting what is important and connecting those parts of the story that might have been obscured in presenting the details. This apology is my understanding of the formal justification for complexity in the real world. In turn, it is an examination of what complexity implies, about the difference between how we react to what we have, as opposed to reacting to what we want, but do not have. People always respond to events according to their mental maps of the world. Consequently, when they find the response to be inappropriate, the most reasonable thing to do is change the map. However, people are not always reasonable or logical.


Chapter summaries, Complexity, Epilogue, Fractional reasoning, Highlights, Illogical, Individuality, Linear, Mental maps, Nonlinear, Organization man.


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