Frontiers in Arthritis

Frontiers in Arthritis

Volume: 2

The Management of the Haemophilc Arthropathy

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Revision Surgery in the Lower Limb of Haemophilic Patients

Pp. 196-212 (17)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681083537117020018

Author(s): Massimo Innocenti, Christian Carulli, Roberto Civinini


The management of a failed orthopaedic implant is potentially complex in haemophilic patients. Several critical aspects have to be considered ranging from a tailored haematological care and rehabilitative period to high technically demanding surgical procedures and type of implants needed for the management of the compromised joint. Hip and knee are the most involved joints needing a substitution after a prosthetic failure. All these interventions are delicate and expensive, particularly when the failure is not a simple aseptic loosening but it is represented by an infection or a case with severe bone defects, pseudotumours, and soft tissue mortification. Only specific facilities and specialized teams may be able to manage such these conditions in a safe manner.


Ankle arthroplasty, Aseptic loosening, Haemophilia, Hip arthroplasty, Infection, Knee arthroplasty, Revision, Salvage surgery.