Developmental and Stem Cell Biology in Health and Disease

Author(s): Ahmed El-Hashash

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Research into stem cells started in the 1960s with experiments on spleen cultures. Evans and Kaufman made a breakthrough in mouse embryo culturing and embryonic stem cell extraction in 1981, followed ...
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Pp. i

Ahmed El-Hashash

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Pp. ii-iii (2)

Ahmed El-Hashash

Gene and Signals Regulating Stem Cell Fates

Pp. 36-48 (13)

Mohamed Berika, John Ku, Haifen Huang and Ahmed El-Hashash

PDF Price: $15

Stem Cell Biology: Flies As Models and Examples

Pp. 49-81 (33)

Nahla M. Shoukry, Elham M. Youssef Elabd, Hani S. Hafez and Noha M. Osman

PDF Price: $15

Behavior and Asymmetric Cell Divisions of Stem Cells

Pp. 82-105 (24)

Sameh Elshahawy, Ahmed R. N. Ibrahim, Salaheldin S. Soliman, Marwa E. Elgayyar and Ahmed El-Hashash

PDF Price: $15

Adult Stem Cell Niches and Their Regulatory Molecular Mechanisms

Pp. 106-120 (15)

John Ku, Wadah Alhassen, Haifen Huang, Salaheldin S. Soliman, Ahmed RN Ibrahim and Ahmed HK El-Hashash

PDF Price: $15

Stem Cell Regulatory Mechanisms During Wound Healing and Cancer

Pp. 121Chapter-142 (22)

Ahmed RN Ibrahim, Deshna Majmudar, Safia Gilani, Jesse Garcia Castillo and Ahmed El-Hashash

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Stem Cells in Cancer Development and Therapy

Pp. 143-165 (23)

Azza El Amir and Wajeet Nabil

PDF Price: $15

Stem Cells and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Pp. 166-192 (27)

Hanaa H. Ahmed, Hadeer A. Aglan and Ahmed A. Abd-Rabou

PDF Price: $15

Stem Cells and Bone Disorders

Pp. 193-209 (17)

Hanaa H. Ahmed, Sara M. Abdo and Ahmed A. Abd-Rabou

PDF Price: $15

A Scope on Stem Cells and Human Parasites

Pp. 210-247 (38)

Marwa Adel HasbySaad

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Pp. 248-249 (2)

Ahmed El-Hashash