The Correlates of Loneliness

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Loneliness has been described by modern psychologists as a 21st century epidemic, as it has been the subject of numerous news headlines in many regions. While many elderly people are affected by ...
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Feeling Inadequate and Alone: The Effects of University Induced Loneliness

Pp. 108-127 (20)

Ami Rokach and Shauna Spirling


The transition to college normatively involves major network changes, and it enhances the experience of loneliness. These transitions are stressful and challenging and especially for students who may move away from home as they start university, leaving behind family and social support systems. The chapter reviews the literature regarding loneliness of university students, and includes the second author’s sharing of her own loneliness in university, during her undergraduate studies.


Alone, Inadequate, Loneliness, Students, University.


York University, Toronto, Canada.