Frontiers in Cancer Immunology

Volume: 2

Systems Biology in Cancer Immunotherapy

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Over the past decades, systems biology approaches have been applied in different areas of life science research including oncology. Researchers now understand the hallmarks of cancer cells such as ...
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Signal Transduction Molecules and Pathways in Cancer: Implication of the Immune System in Modulating Cancer Development and Progression

Pp. 69-85 (17)

Mahbuba Rahman


Signal transduction pathways and associated molecules play important role in maintaining cell death and cell survival. However, in cancer cells, some of these molecules are mutated and lead to cancer progression. These molecules also interfere with the components of the humoral and the cell mediated immune systems in tumor environment. Therefore, identifying these can be potential targets for cancer treatment.


Apoptosis, Autophagy, JAK-STAT, K-ras, Myc, p53, Signal transduction pathways.


Sidra Medical and Research Center, Doha, Qatar.