Frontiers in Cancer Immunology

Volume: 2

Systems Biology in Cancer Immunotherapy

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Over the past decades, systems biology approaches have been applied in different areas of life science research including oncology. Researchers now understand the hallmarks of cancer cells such as ...
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Cancer Metabolism: A Perspective on the Involvement of the Immune System and Metabolic Pathways in Cancer Development

Pp. 42-68 (27)

Mahbuba Rahman


Cancer cells show excessive need of nutrients and energy. Not only this, activated lymphocytes, in particular the T lymphocytes and myeloid derived cells also show differential expression in the metabolic pathway genes in tumor microenvironment. Therefore, understanding the metabolic changes in the context of cancer development will help to identify new therapeutic targets to treat cancer.


Arginine metabolism, Autophagy pathway, Immune-metabolism, Immune-suppressors, Leptin, Reactive oxygen species, Tumor metabolism.


Sidra Medical and Research Center, Doha, Qatar.