Frontiers in Cancer Immunology

Volume: 2

Systems Biology in Cancer Immunotherapy

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Over the past decades, systems biology approaches have been applied in different areas of life science research including oncology. Researchers now understand the hallmarks of cancer cells such as ...
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Immune System in Cancer

Pp. 3-41 (39)

Mahbuba Rahman


Our immune system is a dynamic environment that is orchestrated by a network of immune cells and signalling molecules and is differentially expressed and regulated at different stages of life. Interestingly, components of the immune system function differently under diseased or non-diseased state, healthy or immune-deficient state. Cancer is generally regarded as a genetic disease and caused from inflammation. Due to the complex nature of the disease, it is necessary to understand how the immune system responses in a tumor environment. A detailed understanding on the cancer immuno-biology will enable formulation of appropriate treatment strategies for cancer.


Circulating tumor cells, Cytokines, Dendritic cells, Immuno-escape, Immune-surveillance, Immuno-system, Regulatory T cells, Tumor associated antigens, Tumor derived factors, Tumor specific antigens.


Sidra Medical and Research Center, Doha, Qatar.