Chemistry, Biology and Potential Applications of Honeybee Plant-Derived Products

This eBook presents a comprehensive review on the chemical composition of natural products derived from honeybee farming. These products include honey, pollen and propolis. Each chapter details ...
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Add Value Products of Honeybee Plant-Derived Origin

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Silvia C.F. Iop, Elsa C.D. Ramalhosa, Dalva M.R. Dotto, Andreia Cirolini and Naiane Beltrami


Although honey extraction is an ancient practice, its use as a source of income is more recent. Over the years several techniques have been developed to achieve greater amounts of honey and also to ensure the quality of the product. Furthermore, bees during their life cycle produce wax, royal jelly, pollen and propolis besides honey. Pollen and propolis are such as honey, plant derivatives, while the wax and royal jelly are products secreted by glands of the bees. This chapter aims to present ways to add value to bee products plant-derived, namely: honey, pollen and propolis. Uses and new applications are presented. Moreover, the production of honey-fermented products such as mead, honey beer and honey vinegar are also discussed.


Antibacterial properties, Antioxidant properties, Applications, Chemical composition, Cosmetics, Drink, Fermentation, Food industry, Health, Honey, Honey beer, Honey vinegar, Mead, Medicine, Natural preservatives, Pollen, Propolis, Quality, Uses, Wort.


Multidisciplinary Department - Federal University of Santa Maria, Rua Francisco Guerino, 407 - Silveira Martins - RS, CEP 97 195 000, Brasil.