Recent Advances in Pediatric Medicine

Recent Advances in Pediatric Medicine

Volume: 1

Synopsis of Current General Pediatrics Practice

Editor(s): Seckin Ulualp

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This textbook provides a brief review of pediatric medicine practice. This book covers the diseases and disorders commonly seen in routine practice. The chapters cover pediatric disorders such as ...
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Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. i

Seckin Ulualp

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Pp. ii

Seckin Ulualp

Update on the Management of Otitis Media

Pp. 1-18 (18)

Emily Tignor, Bailey LeConte, Dayton Young and Tomoko Makishima

PDF Price: $15

Contemporary Management of Children with Hearing Loss

Pp. 19-33 (15)

Musaed Alzahrani and Issam Saliba

PDF Price: $15

Overview of Management of Recurrent Tonsillitis

Pp. 34-50 (17)

Suparna N. Shah and Harold Pine

PDF Price: $15

Therapies for Pediatric Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Pp. 51-63 (13)

Anthony Sheyn

PDF Price: $15

Practical Management of Children with Stridor

Pp. 64-76 (13)

Anil Gungor

PDF Price: $15

Update on the Management of Laryngomalacia

Pp. 77-92 (16)

Mohamed Akkari, Catherine Blanchet and Michel Mondain

PDF Price: $15

Synopsis of Management of Diabetes Mellitus Types 1 and 2

Pp. 93-104 (12)

Eric Velazquez and Bethany A. Auble

PDF Price: $15

Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Pp. 105-116 (12)

Carisse Orsi, Maria Rayas, Jessica Hutchins and Elia Escaname

PDF Price: $15

Practical Guide for Management of Children with Obesity

Pp. 117-143 (27)

Neslihan Gungor

PDF Price: $15

Current Concepts in the Management of Hyperthyroidism

Pp. 144-159 (16)

Abha Choudhary

PDF Price: $15

Recent Advances in Pediatric Asthma

Pp. 160-172 (13)

Amine Daher, Tanya M. Martínez Fernández and Yadira M. Rivera-Sánchez

PDF Price: $15

Evaluation and Treatment of Bronchiolitis

Pp. 173-186 (14)

Derek L. Pepiak

PDF Price: $15

Practical Considerations in the Treatment of Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Pp. 203-216 (14)

Amal Isaiah and Seckin O. Ulualp

PDF Price: $15

State of the Art of the Diagnosis and Management of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Pp. 217-230 (14)

Ricardo Medina-Centeno and Rinarani Sanghavi

PDF Price: $15

Essentials of Sickle Cell Disease Management

Pp. 231-248 (18)

Jesica F. Ramirez and Melissa Frei-Jones

PDF Price: $15

Management of Recurrent Epistaxis

Pp. 249-257 (9)

Kathleen R. Billings

PDF Price: $15

Update on Management of Allergic Rhinitis

Pp. 258-271 (14)

Maria C. Veling

PDF Price: $15

The Management of Pediatric Allergic Emergencies

Pp. 272-285 (14)

Olga Hardin and Joshua L. Kennedy

PDF Price: $15

Autism Spectrum Disorder: What a Pediatrician Should Know

Pp. 286-298 (13)

Jayne Bellando, Jaimie Flor and Maya Lopez

PDF Price: $15

Treating Anxiety in Children

Pp. 299-312 (14)

Kristine Schmitz, Mi-Young Ryee and Leandra Godoy

PDF Price: $15

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 313-322 (10)

Seckin Ulualp