How Smart People can Overcome Jet Lag

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Jet lag – that familiar feeling of fatigue when one exits a plane after a long flight – has no established remedy. No medical application or device is yet capable of eliminating jet lag, ...
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Staying Awake When Your Body Only Seems to Want to Sleep

Pp. 48-58 (11)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681082936116010008

Author(s): Olivier Le Bon


This chapter reviews the importance of fatigue (sleepiness) as a cause of distress and accidents. It insists on the fact that the best way to avoid it is to sleep enough and well. It presents the stimulants that could help you fight sleepiness if nothing else has worked (caffeine, modafinil).


Accident, Abuse, Caffeine, Energy drink, Fatigue, Legal status, Modafinil, Sleep debt, Sleepiness, Withdrawal.