Recent Advances in Geriatric Medicine

Recent Advances in Geriatric Medicine

Volume: 2

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Geriatric Medicine

Editor(s): Jeremy W. Grabbe

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According to the National Institute of Aging there are more than half a billion people over the age of 65 across the globe. This has led to a need for medical and psychiatric care on a scale ...
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Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. i

Jeremy W. Grabbe

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Pp. ii

Jeremy W. Grabbe

The Basis of Geriatric Medicine

Pp. 3-3 (6)

Jeremy W. Grabbe

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Health and Economic Consequences of Aging in US

Pp. 7-24 (18)

Rashmita Basu

PDF Price: $30

Physical Changes in Age

Pp. 25-38 (14)

Daniela Fabiani-Longo, Kayla Bishop, James Mullen, Caitlin Murphy, Jesselee Allen, Virginia Cornelius, Jocelyn Dismore, Kathyrn McGeoch and Jeremy W. Grabbe

PDF Price: $30

Cognitive Changes in Aging

Pp. 39-59 (21)

Ann McCarthy and Jeremy W. Grabbe

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Pp. 60-71 (12)

Tamara Pobocik

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Vision Changes and Ocular Disorders

Pp. 72-83 (12)

Jeremy W. Grabbe

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Disordered Sleep among Older Adults

Pp. 84-95 (12)

Robert E. Davis and Paul D. Loprinzi

PDF Price: $30

Speech Language Pathology and the Aging Population

Pp. 96-122 (27)

Kate Hood and Jeremy W. Grabbe

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End of Life Care in Older Adults

Pp. 123-145 (23)

Susan E. Lowey

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Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 146-152 (7)

Jeremy W. Grabbe