Firms` Strategic Decisions: Theoretical and Empirical Findings

Firms` Strategic Decisions: Theoretical and Empirical Findings

Volume: 2

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This is the second volume of the book series featuring empirical research conducted on business decision making policies of oligopolistic organizations. This volume brings together 11 chapters that ...
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On the Welfare Effect of Uniform Input Pricing with Endogenous Choices of Channel Structure by Downstream Firms

Pp. 162-197 (36)

X. Henry Wang, Weiwei Wu and Chenhang Zeng


We study a vertical market in which the upstream input market is monopolized and the downstream is composed of a Cournot oligopoly. The downstream firms also choose their internal channel structures strategically. Two main points are made. First, uniform pricing by the monopoly input supplier leads to higher total welfare than under discriminatory pricing. Second, uniform pricing is more profitable than price discrimination for the monopoly input supplier.


Centralized channel, channel structure, Cournot oligopoly, decentralized channel, downstream firms, input price discrimination, monopoly input supplier, subgame perfect Nash equilibrium, upstream input market, vertical market.


Department of Economics, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO 65211, USA.