Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Anti-Cancer Agents

Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Anti-Cancer Agents

Volume: 3

Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman

Indexed in: EBSCO.

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Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Anti-Cancer Agents is an eBook series intended for pharmaceutical scientists, postgraduate students and researchers seeking updated and critical information for ...
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Chemotherapeutic, Immunologic, and Molecularly Targeted Therapy for the Treatment of Advanced Melanoma

Pp. 217-270 (54)

Said C. Azoury, David M. Straughan, Robert D. Bennett and Vivek Shukla

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Targeting the Warburg Effect for Cancer Therapy: A Long and Winding Road

Pp. 271-324 (54)

Patrícia L. Abreu and Ana M. Urbano

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Immunotherapy Strategies in Follicular Lymphoma: Antibodies, Vaccines and Cells

Pp. 325-385 (61)

Nicolas Martinez-Calle, Ascension Lopez Diaz de Cerio, Susana Inoges, Esther Pena, Ricardo Garcia-Munoz and Carlos Panizo

PDF Price: $30

Apoptosis Targeting Therapeutics in Clinical Trials

Pp. 454-489 (36)

N.S. Hari Narayana Moorthy, C. Karthikeyan and Piyush Trivedi

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Pp. 490-492 (3)