Nutrition: An Approach to Good Health and Disease Management

Nutrition: An Approach to Good Health and Disease Management

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This book summarizes key information required for planning and implementing a healthy diet for patients based on sound nutritional concepts. Readers will find information on the background of ...
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Influence of Socio-economic Status and Culture in Diet and Nutrition

Pp. 245-268 (24)

Esperanza J. Carcache de Blanco and Jay Mirtallo


Dietary components are corner stones in having a good and balanced nutrition. Nutrition is directly correlated to health; hence, having good dietary habits will highly contribute to good health. However, there are different factors that influence good dietary patterns including socioeconomic status, income, and culture. This chapter will discuss the impact of these factors on nutrition and diet of different groups.


Social, socioeconomic, fast food, culture, nutrition, diet, American Indian, Northern plains, Navajo, Mexican, Hispanic, African American, Asian, Chinese American, food store, convenience store, supermarket, lifestyle, income.


The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.