Frontiers in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research

Frontiers in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research

Volume: 4

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Stem cell and regenerative medicine research is a hot area of research which promises to change the face of medicine as it will be practiced in the years to come. Challenges in the 21st century to ...
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Cell-based Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Pp. 170-233 (64)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681084350117040006

Author(s): Chad Maki, Thomas Ramos, Fariborz Izadyar


Cell-based therapy is a growing field in veterinary medicine and has created a lot of hope and excitements for developing new therapies for degenerative diseases that otherwise cannot be treated by traditional medical approaches. Clinical studies in dogs, cats and horses show promising results indicating that stem cells and other cellbased products may facilitate tissue repair and improve quality of life in companion animals. In this review, different cell based therapies, their risks and benefits and their possible therapeutic use for veterinary medical application will be discussed.


Companion animals, Degenerative diseases, Stem cells, Veterinary medicine.