Frontiers in Inflammation

Basic Biology and Clinical Aspects of Inflammation

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Basic Biology and Clinical Aspects of Inflammation provides information about the critical cells and biochemical mediators involved in the complex process of inflammation. Readers are introduced to ...
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Network Analysis of Inflammation

Pp. 451-473 (23)

Tomasz Arodz and Xi Gao


Analysis of normal and pathological behavior of biological systems has greatly benefited from incorporating networks that capture knowledge about interactions among genes, proteins or metabolites into explorations of data from highthroughput techniques such as microarrays, next-generation sequencing, or mass spectrometry. Signaling, metabolic and regulatory networks can help make results from statistical data analysis techniques more interpretable to biologists, and can serve as a regularizing factor narrowing the search space for statistical models that determine differences between different states of biological systems. However, knowledge about the underlying biological networks is still incomplete, with false negatives and false positives, which may affect outcomes of systems biology studies. Thus, results of network modeling need to be critically evaluated by domain experts, and followed by additional experimental or computational validation.


Biological networks, Computational methods, Differential network analysis, Network inference.


Department of Computer Science, School of Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University, 401 W. Main St., Room E4252, Richmond, VA 23284-3019, USA.