Clinical Mechanics in the Gut: An Introduction

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The gastrointestinal tract is a series of organs each with distinct mechanical functions. Each organ within the system brings food contents in the gut lumen to the site of absorption through separate ...
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The Mechanical System: Motor Patterns in Organs

Pp. 173-214 (42)

Hans Gregersen and James Christensen


The mechanical systems of the gut must move nutrients in whatever complex ways may be necessary in each situation for digestive and absorptive processes to be complete. The mechanical processes vary from one species to another but they differ mainly in quantitative rather than qualitative terms. This chapter deals with the movements of the gastrointestinal musculature throughout the tract. Most of these patterns of motion are inferred rather that observed directly, for the available methods rarely permit the direct and detailed observation of the muscular behavior in vivo.


Contractility, esophagus, flow, large intestine, motility pattern, peristalsis, relaxation, small intestine, stomach.


College of Bioengineering Chongqing University Chongqing China.