Comprehensive Practical Hepatology

Acute and chronic liver disease is a global endemic healthcare concern. More than 500 million people around the world are infected with the hepatitis B or C virus. Approximately 500,000 patients die ...
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Infection and Liver

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Kazuto Tajiri


Various unique infections, including amebic and parasitic infections, are seen in the liver because of its characteristic anatomical features. History taking, including details of food, travel, and sexual behavior, is important for differential diagnosis. Imaging studies, such as X-ray, ultrasonography, and computed tomography, as well as serological tests are essential to make a definitive diagnosis. A delay in making a definitive diagnosis may adversely affect outcome, as specific therapy for each infection is required.


History taking, liver abscess, paracyte, serological test.


The Third Department of Internal Medicine, University of Toyama,Toyama, Japan.