Angelman Syndrome: Communication, Educational and Related Considerations

Angelman Syndrome: Communication, Educational and Related Considerations

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Individuals with Angelman Syndrome (AS) present many unique challenges to professionals, parents and others who are committed to maximizing individuals’ competence while ensuring them the best ...
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Application of Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in Addressing Challenging Behaviors of Individuals with Angelman Syndrome

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DOI: 10.2174/9781681081168115010013

Author(s): Jane Summers


This chapter provides an overview of challenging behavior in children and adults with Angelman syndrome and outlines possible reasons regarding how and why it may develop. Approaches to address challenging behavior that are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis are presented, along with ways to replace challenging behavior with socially acceptable skills. Case examples are used to illustrate assessment and intervention procedures, with a focus on prevention of challenging behavior and functional communication training.


AAC, Aggression, Alternative communication, Angelman Syndrome, Antecedents, Applied behavior analysis, Augmentative and alternative communication, Behavior, Challenging behavior, Consequences, Disability, Functional assessment, Functional communication training, Genetics, Skill deficits.