Physical Activity, Fitness, Nutrition and Obesity During Growth

Secular Changes of Growth, Body Composition and Functional Capacity in Children and Adolescents in Different Environment

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An imbalance between high energy intake – due to inadequate diet – and reduced energy expenditure – caused by sedentary habits – is believed to create an inherent risk of obesity among ...
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Nutrition in Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment -Role of Nutrients

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Marie Kunešová


Assessment of energy intake and energy expenditure is crucial for recommendation of weight maintenance and weight loss regimen. Energy intake but also proportion and composition of individual nutrients is essential for effective weight management and diet recommendation, which should be applied during earliest periods of life. In this respect, nutritional status of the mother, factors during fetal and perinatal period play an important role from the point of view of actual, but also future consequences. Individual nutrients as well as their composition with regard to their present and delayed effect are summarized in the chapter. Diet – energy intake and nutrient composition should be considered and related to energy expenditure.


Adolescence, Appetite, Balance, Carbohydrates, Children, Energy, Epigenetic factors, Expenditure, Equation, Food, Growth, Intake, Intervention, Lean body mass, Lipids, Management, Mother, Microbiome, Nutrition, Obesity, Weight.


Obesity Management Centre, Institute of Endocrinology, Národní 8., Prague 1, 11694, Czech Republic.