Down Country Lanes, Behind Abandoned Houses

Down Country Lanes, Behind Abandoned Houses

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Based on six years of extended ethnography in multiple agricultural areas of the Eastern United States, Down Country Lanes, Behind Abandoned Houses is a monograph which explores the lives of migrant ...
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Climb Up

Pp. 449-486 (38)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681081045115010014

Author(s): Keith V. Bletzer


This chapter explores some behind-the-scenes aspects of fieldwork (team viewer approach). Presentation of the material serves as a textual break between the conclusion and the first ten chapters that examine facets of agricultural labor and drug/alcohol use. The chapter narrates a few situations experienced by the fieldworker, where encounter with law enforcement took place for whatever reason. A big idea in the later portions of the chapter is the strategy basic to ethnography of spending engaged time with “research subjects”.


Climb up, country lanes, deep alley, encounter, endearment, fieldworker, highway travel, lawful encounter, migrant travel, motor vehicle, performance stressor, possession, public relations, rapport, reflection, signals, story-telling, travel time, undercover, Work-Travel Study.