Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Practical Guide for Clinical Management

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This book is a concise, straightforward practical guide to the clinical management of patients having drug resistant tuberculosis infections. It covers every aspect of drug resistant tuberculosis, ...
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Hypothetical Illustrative Cases

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Rafael Laniado-Laborín


This chapter covers the management of actual MDR/XDR patients with a concise discussion of the importance of previous episodes of TB, the diagnostic algorithm and treatment regimen. Cases with adverse reactions to drugs are also discussed as well as patients with co-morbidities.


Adverse reactions, Algorithm, Chest x-rays, Co-morbidities, Culture, DST, Drug-susceptibility tests, GeneXpert, Management, MDR, Previously treated, Secondline drugs, Toxicity, XDR.


Clínica y Laboratorio de Tuberculosis Hospital General Tijuana, México.