Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Practical Guide for Clinical Management

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This book is a concise, straightforward practical guide to the clinical management of patients having drug resistant tuberculosis infections. It covers every aspect of drug resistant tuberculosis, ...
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Follow Up of Drug Resistant Cases During Treatment

Pp. 74-75 (2)

Rafael Laniado-Laborín


This chapter describes the recommended routine for follow-up of drug resistant cases during treatment. Directly observed treatment is absolutely indispensable in patients with drug resistant tuberculosis to avoid the development of further resistance due to inadequate adherence. Monthly evaluation should include active search of side effects and adverse reactions through clinical and laboratory studies. Bacteriological follow-up will consist of monthly sputum smears and cultures, and after culture conversion, monthly sputum smears and bimonthly cultures.


Hospitalized, Hemoptysis, Isolation, Monitoring, Out-patient, Promoter, Respiratory distress, Risk.


Clínica y Laboratorio de Tuberculosis Hospital General Tijuana, México.