Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Practical Guide for Clinical Management

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This book is a concise, straightforward practical guide to the clinical management of patients having drug resistant tuberculosis infections. It covers every aspect of drug resistant tuberculosis, ...
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Antituberculosis Drugs

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Rafael Laniado-Laborín


This chapter includes a comprehensive review of all drugs to treat tuberculosis. The WHO has classified these drugs in five groups, with drugs in Group 1 being the most effective, and less toxic and drugs in Group 5 being drugs with unproven efficacy or frequent side effects and/or toxicity. Each drug is discussed in detail, including its mechanisms of action, suggested doses and side and adverse effects, as well as the required clinical and laboratory monitoring for each drug. Recently added drugs bedaquiine and delamanid are also included in this review.


Adverse effects, Antituberculosis drugs, Bedaquiline, Cycloserine, Delamanid, Dose, Effectiveness, Ethambutol, Ethionamide, Fluroquinolones, Injectables, Isoniazid, Laboratory, Linezolid, Monitoring, PAS, Pyrazinamide, Rifampin, Toxicity, WHO .


Clínica y Laboratorio de Tuberculosis Hospital General Tijuana, México.