Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Practical Guide for Clinical Management

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This book is a concise, straightforward practical guide to the clinical management of patients having drug resistant tuberculosis infections. It covers every aspect of drug resistant tuberculosis, ...
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Epidemiology of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

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Rafael Laniado-Laborín


In its Global Tuberculosis Report for 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated a total of 8.6 million tuberculosis (TB) incident cases and 1.3 million deaths from the disease during the previous year. Most of the drug resistant TB (DRTB) cases were not even detected due to a variety of weaknesses of national TB programs. Only 28% of the 300,000 pulmonary TB patients expected to have MDR-TB in the world were reported; the WHO estimates that globally 3.6% of new TB cases and 20.2% of previously treated cases have MDR-TB, and of those, approximately 9.6% will have XDR-TB. In 2012 only 5% of the strains from new bacteriologicallyconfirmed TB cases and 9% of those previously treated for TB were cultured and tested for drug susceptibility. Outcome of treatment for patients with extensively drug resistance TB (XDR-TB) in a cohort from 26 countries was dismal with an overall cure rate of 20% and a 44% death rate.


Bacteriological, Cohort, Countries, Death, DOT, Drug, Epidemiology, Global Report, MDR-TB, Pulmonary, Rates, Resistance, Self-administered, Tuberculosis, WHO, XDR-TB.


Clínica y Laboratorio de Tuberculosis Hospital General Tijuana, México.