The Sustainable Renovation of Buildings and Neighbourhoods

The Sustainable Renovation of Buildings and Neighbourhoods

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The Sustainable Renovation of Buildings and Neighborhoods is a collection of papers presented at the International Congress of Sustainable Construction and Eco‐efficient Solutions. This event has ...
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A Structure for the Quantity Surveillance of Costs and Environmental Impact of Cleaning and Maintenance in Buildings

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Alejandro Martínez-Rocamora, Jaime Solís-Guzmán and Madelyn Marrero


The long duration of the crisis in the construction sector in Spain after the bursting of the 'real state bubble' caused an almost total cessation of building activity, except for building maintenance and rehabilitation works. Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance are the basis for extending the service life of buildings before rehabilitation is needed, and once that point has been reached, decrease the required investment. In this study, a structure is proposed for the development of prices that collect the cost and environmental impact of cleaning and maintenance works, which arise following the guidelines of the Andalusia Construction Cost Database (ACCD). To this end, a new chapter that covers use and maintenance activities is generated. Being these periodic tasks, their periodicity plays an important role in quantifying cumulative costs. When carrying out the quantity surveillance, the unitary costs, which initially seemed insignificant, increase considerably due to the high number of repetitions. As a result of this work, foundations for the development of the mentioned new chapter of the ACCD have been settled, with a solid structure that fits the existing one. Costs are structured intuitively by elements and uses of rooms, allowing a certain ease in locating a particular price. Moreover, their codes are designed to indicate somehow the periodicity with which tasks are performed. Finally, the designed structure and some examples of prices are shown, which additionally include environmental impact data.


Carbon footprint, cleaning, costs, coding system, conservation, corrective, environmental impact, finishes, hotels, life-cycle costs, maintenance, periodicity, preventive, predictive, quantity survey, renovation, repair, replacement, revision, service life, structure.


Department of Building Constructions II, ETSIE, University of Seville. Av. Reina Mercedes, 4-a. 41012 - Seville, Spain.