Echography in Ocular Pathology

This monograph expands on the ultrasound exploration of the ocular globe (or, in other words, the human eye) with a review of the current knowledge about ocular ultrasound techniques and its ...
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Ultrasound and Eye Surgery

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Pedro Romero-Aroca, Manuel Montero-Jaime, Nuria Soler and Jose A Buil-Calvo


The ultrasound in ophthalmic surgery is essential in the preoperatory stage, when media opacities cause hindrance in the retina examination. When a patient is admitted for intraocular surgery, echography is mandatory to detect possible intraocular diseases as retinal detachment. In postoperative status, the patients need echographies if new media opacities appear as in case of postoperative hemorrhages in a vitrectomy surgery. In these cases the echography visualizes the posterior pole and permits to establish a correct diagnosis and a postoperative therapy.


Cataract, lens luxation, intraocular lens luxation, retinal detachment, vitrectomy, periphery new vessels, tractional retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, choroidal hemorrhage, malignant glaucoma.


Hospital Universitario Sant Joan, Avda. Doctor Josep Laporte 1 Reus, Spain.