Markets, Business and Sustainability

Markets, Business and Sustainability

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Many studies on environmental and business sustainability have been conducted over the last couple of decades. These studies demonstrate that the concept of sustainability management can be applied ...
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Building Sustainability by Leaning the Construction Supply Chains: A Case Study for Hong Kong

Pp. 29-50 (22)

Ilias P. Vlachos and Susan Kit Ling Siu


This study aims to assess how construction supply chains can become more sustainable by implementing lean tools and techniques. The research method was a single case study of a leading construction company in Hong Kong. Two major projects were examined via semi-structured interviews with key personnel. The implementation of lean tools and techniques resulted in improvements in terms of quality, time, cost, safety and environmental sustainability. The application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) can facilitate both lean and sustainable construction. Prefabrication is also an enabler of sustainable construction.


Sustainability, sustainable construction, lean thinking, value stream analysis, case research, single case study, project management, lean construction, construction supply chains, building information modelling, Hong Kong, prefabrication, zero defects, waste elimination, push supply chains, modularisation, value Stream, overproduction.


Northumbria University, Newcastle Business School, UK.