Inositol & its Phosphates: Basic Science to Practical Applications

Inositol and its phosphates are ubiquitous across most life forms, wherein they play important roles in cellular integrity and functions such as signal transduction, DNA damage repair ion transport ...
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Industrial Applications, Technology & Environmental Sciences

Pp. 261-274 (14)

A.K.M. Shamsuddin and Guang-Yu Yang


There are emerging new uses of InsP6 in both the existing as well as in developing technologies, and in protective roles in our environment; these are in addition to the vast and wide applications in healthcare. Discussed here is its use in preservation of food and wine, improvement of the taste of wine, application in dentistry, lithium ion battery, diagnostic imaging, mass spectrometry, fuel cell and nanotechnology, etc.


AFB1, aflatoxin, chitosan, dental cement, dental etchant, diagnostic imaging, drug delivery, food safety, fuel cell, Li-ion battery, mass spectroscopy, nanotechnology, plasmon, Raman spectroscopy, SERS, technetium, toxicology.


The University of Maryland School of Medicine 10 S. Pine Street, MSTF-700 Baltimore, MD 21201-1116 USA., Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine 303 E Chicago Ave, Ward 4-115 Chicago, IL 60611 USA.