Frontiers in Neurosurgery

Frontiers in Neurosurgery

Volume: 1

NeuroEndovascular Challenges

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Remarkable advances have been made in embolization of cerebral aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations and stroke treatment during the past decades. Endovascular techniques are less invasive than ...
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Complex Aneurysms From Endovascular and Surgical Points of View

Pp. 94-120 (27)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681080055115010007

Author(s): D. Cannizzaro, R. Delfini, A. Caporlingua, A. Santoro


Large aneurysms (more than 25 mm in diameter) or aneurysms in particular positions inside the skull base are defined complex. They are associated with a high risk of subarachnoid or intracranial hemorrhage and neurological deficits. We discuss this particular class of aneurysms which, given their peculiar characteristics, require a complex therapeutic approach, including synergistic treatment with surgical and endovascular modalities.


Bypass, complex aneurysm, endovascular treatment, revascularization, vascular neurosurgery.