Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Space Dangers: Outer Space Perils, Rocket Risks and the Health Consequences of the Space Environment

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Natural elements and cosmic phenomena in space, such as asteroids, comets, meteors, black holes and super bubbles pose a threat to the planet Earth and spacefarers in the near-Earth environment. ...
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Space Debris

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Dirk C. Gibson


Space debris is the topic of this chapter. It will be realized that space debris poses real threats to the Earth. Similarly, there are risks in space resulting from these discarded and unwanted space objects. Space debris poses a substantial risk to the International Space Station and to spacecraft in space. Space debris is a rising concern, and such material constitutes a growing threat. A disaster will inevitably result from space debris. Space debris was quantified, and the volume of space debris material was shown to be increasing.


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The University of New Mexico USA.