Light Harvesting Nanomaterials

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Mankind’s search for alternative energy sources to oil and gas reserves has been fueled by increasing energy demands and technological developments. Today, the prospect of harvesting energy from ...
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Microstructures and Photovoltaic Properties of C60-Based Solar Cells with Copper Oxides, CuInS2, Phthalocyanines, Porphyrin, Diamond and Exciton-Diffusion Blocking Layer

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Takeo Oku, Akihiro Takeda, Akihiko Nagata, Ryosuke Motoyoshi, Kazuya Fujimoto, Tatsuya Noma, Atsushi Suzuki, Kenji Kikuchi, Tsuyoshi Akiyama, Balachandran Jeyadevan, Jhon Cuya, Yasuhiro Yamasaki and Eiji Ōsawa


C60-based bulk heterojunction solar cells were fabricated, and the electronic and optical properties were investigated. C60 were used as n-type semiconductors, and copper oxides, porphyrin, phthalocyanines, CuInS2 and nano-diamond were used as p-type semiconductors. An effect of exciton-diffusion blocking layer of perylene derivative on the solar cells between active layer and metal layer was also investigated. Optimized structures with the exciton-diffusion blocking layer improved conversion efficiencies. Electronic structures of the molecules were investigated by molecular orbital calculation, and energy levels of the solar cells were discussed. Nanostructures of the solar cells were investigated by transmission electron microscopy, electron diffraction and X-ray diffraction, which indicated formation of mixed nanocrystals.


Copper oxides, CuInS2, diamond, exciton-diffusion blocking, fullerene, microstructure, phthalocyanine, porphyrin, solar cell.


Department of Materials Science, The University of Shiga Prefecture, Hikone, Shiga, 522-8533, Japan.