Light Harvesting Nanomaterials

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Mankind’s search for alternative energy sources to oil and gas reserves has been fueled by increasing energy demands and technological developments. Today, the prospect of harvesting energy from ...
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Polymer-Based Nanocomposite Materials for Functional Applications in Devices

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Sutapa Ghosh


In recent years Nanostructured polymer and polymer-based nanocomposites are key materials for new device applications. Fabrication of nanostructured polymeric materials (e.g.: monodispersed latex, block copolymers, nanocomposites) and inorganic materials have evolved rapidly. It is already known that the inherent properties of the polymer matrix are enhanced through nanocomposite formation by the synergistic interactions between the polymer matrix and the nanoparticles. The aspect of the device applications of polymer-nanocomposites can be broadened by modifying the surface properties of nanoparticles, doping and filling the matrix with nanoparticles of both pand n-type and introducing functionalities in polymer matrix. These eBook chapter is dealing with the above observations with experimental evidences and references.

This eBook chapter also deals with synthesis of various nanocomposites by tailoring the properties of polymer materials and nanomaterials which has been explained with various examples. Fabrication of functional polymeric materials and their nanocomposites concerning their optical, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties in thin film as well as bulk morphologies using several polymerization techniques is also explained in this chapter alongwith various characterization techniques like XRD, DSC, FTIR, SEM, TEM etc. Applications of these materials for various device applications like photo diode, solar cell, light emitting diodes, magnetic storage materials etc. also explained briefly with examples in this chapter alongwith future prospects of those materials for device applications.


Polymernanocomposite, composite, nanoparticle, devices, photo diode, solar cell, light emitting diodes, magnetic storage materials.


I & PC Division, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Tarnaka, Hyderabad, India.