Agricultural and Food Biotechnologies of Olea europaea and Stone Fruits

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The reference presents detailed research on the olive (Olea europaea) and the stone fruit. Readers will learn about the biotechnology, plant nutrition, plant breeding, pomology, postharvest ...
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Botanical and Agricultural Aspects: Agronomic Techniques and Orchard Management

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Pietro Toscano, Nino Iannotta and Stefano Scalercio


In this chapter the main botanical and agricultural aspects of the olive (Olea europaea L.) are summarized. In the section on botany, the functional parts and the biological cycle of the plant are described; while in the agricultural one, the environmental and physiological demands of the plant, and the most diffused training shapes are reported. In the agronomical section are described the main soil practices, with the aim of to preserve and improve ground conditions, such as setups, tillages, weeding, grassing; and trees practices, regarding plant growth and yield, such as irrigation, fertilization, and pruning. Then, a section regarding harvesting systems in different olive orchard typologies, and the control of olive pests and diseases in traditional, sustainable and organic farming, completes this chapter.


Agricultural aspects, agronomic techniques, biological aspects, cultivation techniques, increase productivity, integrated farming, olive ecosystem, olive growing, olive production, orchard management, pests and diseases.


Agricultural Research Council - Olive Growing and Olive Oil Industry Research Centre (CRA-OLI), C.da Li Rocchi, 87036 Rende (CS), Italy.