Capitalist Realism in Africa: Realities and Myths in Advertising

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“Capitalist Realism” in Africa: Realities and Myths in Advertising is a multifaceted analysis of the role of advertising in the national development of Nigeria, and by extension, other African ...
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Advertising Symbols as “Pictures in Our Heads”

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Emmanuel C. Alozie


Chapter V used qualitative content analysis to explore the cultural symbols and values conveyed in 500-plus advertisements in Nigerian mass media. The analysis determined that, excluding texts, the most common symbols found in Nigerian advertisements were photos of human beings and products. The study also found that Nigerian advertisements did not employ well-established Nigerian ethnic or national symbols. For example, most of the advertisements did not use or combine any of the major or minor Nigerian languages.


Semiotics/semiology, qualitative content analysis, signs, missing symbols, positive/negative values.


Governors State University USA.