Open Quantum Physics and Environmental Heat Conversion into Usable Energy

Volume: 1

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A Quantum system can be viewed as a larger closed system comprising of two components: an open quantum system and its surrounding environment. These two components interact with each other, and in ...
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Pp. 1-4 (4)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608059867114010004

Author(s): Eliade Stefanescu


This eBook is devoted to the domain of physics we call Open Quantum Physics, which seemed important for the new field of research of the environmental heat conversion into usable energy. For this research, a special mathematical tool has been used, consisting of master equations for systems of particles as Fermions, Bosons, and electromagnetic field. This effort was based on the previous results of Lindblad, Sandulescu, and Scutaru for a description of the dissipative coupling of a system of interest in accordance with the quantum principles. We used the method of Ford, Lewis, and O’Connell for reducing the total dynamics to a master equation for a system of interest. The results of our research are presented in this eBook in a more general framework of open physics.


Environment, dissipation, system of interest, total system, total dynamics, reduced dynamics, master equation, Lindbladian, Fermion, Boson, electromagnetic field, phonon, density matrix, interaction picture, creation-annihilation operators, coherent state, semiconductor, Fermi level, donor, acceptor, Fabry-Perot cavity.