Assessment and Mitigation of Indoor Radon Problem: A Case Book for Radon Professionals

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Radon is a highly radioactive gas and a waste product of nuclear reactors. Radon is also carcinogenic for this reason and can be linked to the incidence of lung cancer in non smoking individuals who ...
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Radon Mitigation in the State of Ohio, USA

Pp. 277-361 (85)

Ashok Kumar and Akhil Kadiyala


This chapter provides details on the mitigation of 222Rn concentrations in Ohio, USA through development of associated geospatial maps and computation of statistical metrics. The geospatial and statistical analyses are examined at both the county level and the zip code level to have a thorough understanding of the 222Rn mitigation that assists in accurately estimating the influence of adopted mitigation systems in controlling the in-house 222Rn concentrations. Additionally, a novel approach to rank the performance of different mitigation systems has been developed. The developed methodology, incorporated in this chapter is used to identify the best performing mitigation system in Ohio and serves as a case study for radon mitigation specialists in ranking their respective mitigation systems.


Radon, mitigation, pre-mitigation, post-mitigation, radon mitigation in Ohio, geospatial radon mitigation maps, radon mitigation statistical metrics, WHO-USEPA radon map for mitigation, USEPA radon map for mitigation, 2 pCi/L breakdown radon map for mitigation, minimum radon concentration statistics, maximum radon concentration statistics, arithmetic mean radon concentration statistics, geometric mean radon concentration statistics, standard deviation in radon measurements statistics, coefficient of variation in radon measurements statistics, median radon concentration statistics, first quartile radon concentration statistics, third quartile radon concentration statistics, mitigation system ranking methodology.


Department of Civil Engineering The University of Toledo Toledo, OH 43606 USA.